mariner.jpg I hope you enjoyed this classic poem, and the macabre illustrations!  This is clearly an influence for Shelley as she quotes it on a number of occasions in Frankenstein.  I think there are a number of thematic links that can be drawn between the texts, and this is what I’d like you to focus on here.

Add a comment on this post (not on your own blog), answering the following questions which ask you to compare this text to Frankenstein.   Due by the lesson on Friday 28th March.

  1. What links can you make between the settings in both texts?
  2. What links can you make between the Ancient Mariner and any one of the three main narrators in Frankenstein?
  3. What similarities would you say the texts have in terms of Gothic ‘features’?
  4. If you are posting after others have posted, have a go at responding to their points – what do you agree or disagree with?  Or if you are one of the first to post, ask questions of the people yet to post… Or do both! 

Extension: come back later and see what the others have put – go crazy and post a second message!

7 Responses to “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
  1. Liseli says:

    1) Links between Frankenstein and the Mariner- The acient mariner is set in antartica. The description of the ice in part one which describes the poetenial dangers that the ice can possess it creates a very illusionary supernatural image”it cracked and growled,and roared and howled” this is similar to frankenstein when victor in chapter 9,10. Mary shelley emphasis on the size and scale of the mountain scenery, this shows the power that nature possess. The imagery of the ice in frankenstein also highlights the potential dangers that the ice possess “icy wall of the glacier overhung me a few shattered pines were scattered around me”.
    2) The story of the acient mariner echoes that of Walton in Frankenstein who is on a long voyage, eager and enthusiastic about exploring the world, finds victor who is in need of help and care. The mariner begins his tale by describing the fact that he was on a journey for a wedding the poem starts of describing normal events, then the Mariner progresses by describing the albotross that he meets who leads them in to anartica then when the whether gets warmer and the mist dissapears, the Mariner and his sailors are no longer as greatfull to the albatross as they were before therefore this becomes a crime and evil spirits persue the ship and the Mariner and his men become tormented by the supernatural nature of the spirits, this could be closely linked to Frankenstein as he is a supernatural being that torments Victor.
    3) Both texts possess gothic elements in the sense that both texts focus on the supernatural. Frankenstein focuses on the supernatural nature that science can produce, through science supernatural creatures could be made, i.e the monster. The Rime of the acient mariner focuses on the supernatural things of the unkown, the poem describes the spirits as things to be feared off because they persue the ship because they are angry.
    4) these are my views on both texts if any one else does not agree with these view you are welcome to argue against mine.

  2. samantha says:

    Both stories set out with a journey/adventure and have similar sublime settings, victor our main narrator and ancient mariner link closely due to their isolation from other characters and both characters seek knowledge. Gothic features of this poem include many supernatural elements, isolation and fear.

  3. Shomari says:

    Both stories seem to have very sublime settings, the ancient mariner which is set in Antartica is similar to Frankenstein as we first meet Victor near the north pole. the ancient Marnier, like Victor seeks knowledge as a result of his isolation from other characters. Both texts posses gothic elements as both the novel and the poem includes elements of the supernatural, fear and isolation. The poem focuses more on the ‘supernatural unknown’ e.g. the spirits that re to be feared because they persue the ship in anger, whereas frankenstein focuses on the supernatural elements of Science e.g. the creation of life using dead body parts.

  4. sophie says:

    Both of the stories seem to consider some of the same themes especially those of the gothic genre. Also both of the stories start with the idea of an adventure for slightly different purposes,while Victor is trying to escape the monster at the beggining compared to the ancient mariner who is searching for knoledge. Furthermore both of the stories contain supernatural elements that a modern reader might question.

  5. helen says:

    Both settings are gothic like, and the horrific storm descriptions could be linked to shelleys descriptions of the mountains, using pathetic fallacy to create an illusiona and scary atmosphere to empasise how the characters are feeling.
    Both Ancient Mariner seem to again be eager for the power of knowledge, both in a way overcomming them, also this idea of life and death has clearly influenced Shelley, and is a key element ‘but life-in-death begins her work on the Ancient Mariner’. This idea then links to a gothic descriptions, the poems tale about souls and skeletons is definatly gothic and links to shelleys descriptions of deformed monsters half human, half another creation.

  6. vicki says:

    the ancient mariner and victor are similar personalities – there is a desire for knowledge, a sense of their being a quest that links them. Pathetic fallacy is used here and the antartica in the poem and the end of frankenstein where victor is and where walter finds him suggests gothic imagery. The supernatural, another motif of the gothic genre is a strong element in frankenstein and the Rime of the Ancient Mariner – whilst in Frankenstein it links to science and in the Rime it links to spirits there is still a sense of the supernatural being involved in life and death in both texts. The characters appear isolated from others and the lure of knowledge, which is ultimately power ties them both.

  7. emma says:

    Both settings are extremely similar, the fact that the Antarctica has been chosen represents the isolated and lonely feelings Victor has, and also those of the monster, a pathetic fallacy perhaps. The ideal for knowledge expressed by the wedding guests is that similar to the knowledge needed perhaps by Victor in his science, the monster in his existence and Walton, who just like the wedding guests is being told the fascinating story. When the Mariner kills the albatross and has to wear it, it is like Victors hunt for the monster and the murders of innocent people that are being committed as the search goes on. Just like the Mariner, the monster is Victors albatross, forever the burden around his neck. The use of ‘being dead but alive’ is also important, because Frankenstein is a reincarnation of random corpses, who wonders the earth with no purpose. The Mariner at one point is also wondering why he must endure life any longer, whilst the rotting corpses of his crew are around him, body parts coming into play again.

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